Our Services

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Web Designs

Give your website a new branding makeover, keeping it attractive and impressionable.
We provide marketing strategy on website to increase visitor traffic.

Website Design Services

Information Architecture, Design Concept Brainstorming, php Production, Flash Production, Flash
Banner Incorporation, Photography, Copywriting.

Web Development

CBS’s cutting-edge Technology – Web 2.0 Incorporation

Enhance your website into a user-centric environment by increasing its usability and allowing
collaboration and interaction web features.

Some of our Web 2.0

Web-based Communities, Hosted Services, Web Applications,

Social-networking Sites, Video-sharing Sites, Wikis, Blogs, Mashups, Folksonomies etc .

CBS’s E-Commerce & Retail Management

Give your customers an online shopping experience with our E-Commerce management integration.

CBS’s E-Commerce & Retail Management Services

Display Product Catalog, Customized Development & Setup, Sales Analysis & Tracking, Payment Gateway
Incorporation, Customers Database, Security. See CBS’s E-commerce system

Portal Development

Start a web portal to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for
multiple applications.

Types of Portals

Personal Portal, Regional Web Portal, Government Web Portal, Corporate Web Portal .

Microsite Development

Market with a microsite by creating a related mini-site for an individual webpage or cluster of

This allows the microsite to function as an auxiliary supplement to your primary website.

Database Design & Development

Database development helps you define and organize contents, relationships and structure of data
that you need to capture.

XML import/export

Import products, attributes, orders, and customers from your old store to your new one, or export
products, attributes, orders, and customers from your new store.

Newsletter Management

Conduct your email marketing with CBS’s newsletter management system.

We are able to manage and distribute php or text formatted newsletter via email.

Newsletter Management Features

Low spamming, Bouncing Handling, Clicks Tracking, Opt Out List Tracking, Personalized designs,
Reporting Capabilities and more…

Related Maintenance

We are able to provide extensive maintenance services for the implemented software and applications.