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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a way to bring your website up in the search engine result pages (improving ‘organic’ traffic) and thus make it visible to potential customers who search for your services or product. As already up to 75% of Internet users use search engines to find a product online, SEO has become a mandatory part of the marketing mix that can’t be neglected.Both your website’s markup and content can be optimized specifically to promote placement for a specific set of keywords and phrases.
We offer easy-to-understand SEO services and packages, consisting of two major steps:

Lay the foundation
Step 1 is a one-time project, which depending on the size and complexity of your website, this will take one to four weeks. Your existing website will be made fit for search engine optimization. We will take a look at your layout, some technical issues, templates, etc. This step lays the basis for the actions in step 2 to have best-possible effect

Grow continuously

Step 2 is all about continuous work on your website. Only long-lasting continuity will pay-off in the search engines. We only use white-hat SEO technologies and focus on link-bait. We believe that only quality content on your website will be rewarded by search engines and other Internet users. As search engines index websites frequently and often adjust algorithms, it is best to repeat the preceding steps on a regular basis to ensure that high placement is retained.

How does SEO Pay Per Action work?

First, we analyse your website along with the company’s core products in order to identify the main objectives of the optimization. We commence with an in depth keyword analysis, we then optimise relevant keywords that you currently do not receive traffic from. Our extensive search engine optimization will focus on website usability, removal of technical obstructions, improvements in navigation, text and links which lead to an increased understanding of your website structure. Once these aspects have been adjusted you will achieve higher conversion rates and more sales. Once the search engine optimization starts to give effect, our tracking system will show how many new customers or leads you generate.

Are you ready for a totally risk free optimization?

With SEO Pay Per Action you only pay for customers that generates money. It’s in our highest interest to make sure that we optimise the words that converts best and generates the most money for your company.